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Digital Downloads

Free play resources for you to download or print and use right away with your child. 

New downloads are added weekly so keep checking back for new scavenger hunts, holiday activities, printable crafts, etc. 

toy list 2021.png

Holiday Toy List

Not sure of what to buy for the little ones in your life? Let this list guide you! On top of showing great toys it gives ideas of how to work on speech and language skills! 

Click the direct links in the document to purchase the toys.

thanksgiving freebie.png

Thanksgiving Food

Are you getting ready to celebrate Thanksgiving? This activity will help build vocabulary, conversation skills and expose children to the kinds of food they might see!

halloween scavenger hunt.png

Halloween Decorations Scavenger Hunt

Get in the Halloween Spirit with this Halloween Decoration Scavenger Hunt. Take a walk around your neighborhood and see what you can find. You can check off each when you see them or you can keep a tally of how many of each you can find. This is a great opportunity to learn new themed vocabulary!

look and find books.png

Book Scavenger Hunt

Print out this scavenger hunt, cut on the lines and staple the pages together to make your own Book Hunt.


Use this scavenger hunt to look for books in your home or at your local library. This can also be used by other SLPs at your school library! You can do the whole scavenger hunt at once or just a page or two at a time!

Reading books with your child encourages and models many important parts of speech and language. This scavenger hunt is a fun way for your child to get involved in choosing books and excited about reading!

bingo board screenshot.png

Road Trip

Traveling in the car? Use this to entertain your little one AND to work on road trip vocabulary!


Father's Day Craft

Show dad how much you love him this weekend and make him this sweet handprint craft! Print this page and then all you need is a little paint. Paint your child's hand and make a handprint on the paper so their palm meets the curved lines. 

look and find colors image.png

Scavenger Hunt

Use this scavenger hunt inside, outside, at the grocery store, at a table with crayons or have your child look around their own room. The possibilities are endless.

food scavenger hunt.png

Thanksgiving Scavenger Hunt

Bring this scavenger hunt to your Thanksgiving dinner. It will be a great way for your child to engage with the food, answer questions and initiate conversations with loved ones!

halloween visuals.png

Halloween Visuals

Even with practice and prep, it can be scary and hard for little ones to say "trick or treat" and "thank you" to neighbors on Halloween. Print out and use these visuals to help your child remember what to say and when to say it or allow them to use the visuals to show your neighbor instead of using their voice until they become more comfortable while trick or treating. 

parts of a tree.png

Parts of a Tree Cut and Paste Activity 

Use this cut and paste activity to practice categorizing, matching and to learn some new parts of a tree vocabulary. After you do the activity go on a walk to see if your child can spot the different parts of the tree on a tree in real life! 

rainy day tips.png

Rainy Day Tips

Being stuck inside with little ones is tough! Here are some rainy day tips to make it a little easier.

grocery store tips.png

Grocery Store Tips

Try out some of these tips next time your are in the grocery store with your little one!

american flag tally image.png

American Flag Tally

Memorial Day honors the memory of soldiers that have died for our nation. Take a family walk or drive to observe the day. Take notice of all the flags you see around your neighborhood. 

look and find summer clothing image.png

Summer Clothing

Scavenger Hunt

Use this scavenger hunt while you are doing laundry, to help your child learn where their clothes go, or just to notice what they are wearing.

thanksgiving tips.png

Thanksgiving Tips

Use these tips to help prepare your child for your Thanksgiving festivities! 

costume catcher.png

Costume Catcher

Be on the lookout for your favorite Halloween characters and costumes with this fun worksheet. This will help your child generate ideas. Use your child's ideas as a conversation starter!  

back to school pic.png

Back to School Tips

Are you getting your child ready for back to school? Check out these tips!

trace color find shapes.png

Trace, Color and Find Shapes

Check out this fun shapes activity.

Have your child trace and color the shapes then look around your house to find objects that match the shapes they see! Point out shapes as you see them around town. This will help your child categorize items by shape and expand their describing skills!

picture of NYC scavenger hunt.png

NYC Scavenger Hunt

Are you in or around NYC? Can you find these things in person? 

Not in NYC? Can you find pictures of these things online or in a book/magazine?

mealtime fun image.png

Mealtime Fun!

Here is one for the parents! Mealtime prep can be tough, but having your little one be a meaningful part of it can help! This will keep him/her engaged, all while learning and developing more language skills!

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